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The Truck and The Shop

The Treats Truck has regular spots all around New York City. For location updates follow us on Twitter or call: 212-691-5226

And visit us at The Treats Truck Stop, our bakery café for breakfast, lunch and dinner:

521 Court Street, Brooklyn, NY
phone: 718-330-0200




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Deliveries, Events and More

We are happy to make deliveries, of treats, cakes, gift boxes and platters. We also cater parties and special events. Just call us.

For Special Orders and Events:
phone: 212-691-5226



Featured News

Happy September!!!

Doesn't this time of year always feel like the beginning of a new school year whether you're a kid or an adult?
We love this time of year! Starting up your Fall! Work and play! All the holidays! The beautiful fall weather! And lots of treats! Hooray!!!
Come on by the truck or shop!! Follow us on Twitter, or see our twitter feed here on our website! You'll always be able to see our truck spots for the day. And, our shop is open Tues-Fri in the afternoons 2-5pm and on Saturdays & Sundays 9am-4pm with breakfast, lunch and treats!!!


Come see us at the Truck and at our Shop!

Curious about a particular date for the truck?
Want to make sure we have the treat you're craving when you come by the shop?
Send us an email, or give us a ring! We'll let you know our truck spots for that date! And we might just whip up a special batch of Dessert Nachos or PB&J sandwich cookies or Ice Cream Cone Cupcakes with you in mind if you're planning a special trip to the truck or shop!


The Treats Truck Cookbook!

I love baking – for the truck, for the shop, for my friends and family. And I love when people bake for me! My mom still bakes for my birthday, and sometimes customers bring me treats they’ve made at home.

Whether on your own, with a friend or with kids by your side, there’s nothing like a few hours in the kitchen baking – and then sharing - a freshly baked cake or plate of cookies.

Writing a cookbook was a dream come true and so much fun. There are photos of our truck, our customers, and lots of easy to follow recipes.

You can buy The Treats Truck Baking Book at our shop, at bookstores or on Amazon.  Want to see? Go to our Harper Collins page for info!

And thank you to everyone who has bought the book! I’ve loved all the emails, notes and chats about it at the truck and shop.  

Best- Kim